Gluten-free Company HO.RE.CA. Snacks
HO.RE.CA. Snacks
Ready to eat panini, pizzas, piadine and tramezzini are the best solution to optimize time and costs.
Fabian offers a wide range of high quality products with a specific size for automatic vending machines.
Panini, Piadine, Focaccia, Tramezzini, Sandwiches and pizzas: Fabian's production satisfies everyone.

Fabian Snack, the everfresh snack!

Fabian operates all over the european territory and offers two main production lines: one for vending machines and one for Ho.Re.Ca.
You will find all the products of both lines, presented in detail in this website.
We can provide any type of service for communities, airlines and passenger ship companies, small and large events, expos.

Quality, taste, assortment, safety
On the market since 1998, it has had the skill to conquer the faith of an ever larger clientele, thanks to the quality and taste of its snacks. snacks