Long experience
Fabian has been in the snack market since 1998, but the catering experience of the company's CEO, Chef Francesco Luise, started long before. After attending the Hotel Management and Catering School in Abano Terme, he worked in many Italian hotels and restaurants. In 1985 he came to Brescia and opened his own restaurant in Castelcovati, which he ran successfully until 1998, when he decided to take advantage of his experience into a new sector.
It has been a satisfying choice: Fabian now has over 20 specialised employees subdivided between the Baking and the Filling Departments.
Fabian Snack - Offices
Fabian Snack - Outer pan
The new workshop: maximum efficiency
In 2010 Fabian inaugurated the new factory in Torbole Casaglia, covering an area of approximately 1500 mq. For the highest standards of hygiene safety, a computerised plant was installed for air treatment and filtration and constant maintenance of temperature and humidity levels in production areas. Sensitive to environmental matters, we also installed a photovoltaic system that allows us to generate and use energy with zero impact.
Fabian Snack - Stuffing
To each his own snack!
The company works all over the national and international markets, offering two lines of snacks, one dedicated to bars, communities, large expos and one dedicated to the vending machine sector.
You will also find all the detailed information about our work, our work methods and our products in this website. For further information, our commercial office is at your complete disposal.
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