Internal production cycle
Our snacks entire production cycle of our snacks takes place in our workshops where our expert and qualified staff make products of high quality. We carefully oversee every step of the production chain, from kneading the dough with food safety: we are well aware of this and our attention to offering the utmost reliability is constantly tested. We carefully oversee every step of the production chain, from kneading the dough to final packaging.
IFS food
Fabian is IFS certified, to guarantee the quality of its products.
Fabian Snack - Baking Department
Fabian Snack - Savoury brioches
Quality and safety process
It starts in the Baking Department, where the bread is baked according to the best Italian tradition.
Then it goes to the Filling Department, where bread and other preparations are filled: high quality raw materials are combined with selected sauce for creating products that can satisfy every customer's taste.
After that, it gets packaged in a protected environment: this guarantees that its characteristics will last over time. In fact, our snacks have a shelf-life of about 45 days. Lastly the package is sealed and labelled.
Fabian Snack - Filling Department
Fabian Snack - Bakery
Information on the label
Proper labelling is fundamental because it must contain all the product's characteristics. To protect the final consumer, all the information required by current law are properly labelled.
Ensuring the cold chain
After the packaging phase, the snack is boxed and placed into a refrigerator cell.
The storage methods are fundamental for food, and to guarantee the quality of the food over time, it is necessary that the cold chain is respected. The cold chain starts in our cells at a temperature of 0°C up to + 4°C then continues during the transport and must be mantained during the entire life of the products.
Punctual deliveries
Fabian directly takes care of delivery services with its own refrigerated trucks that are perfectly suited to complying with the cold chain and, in the event of farther destinations, relies on reliable carriers.
Deliveries are organised weekly, both for bar and vending machine deliveries.
Punctuality in distribution is fundamental for us.