Quality and certifications

The entire production cycle takes place on our premises, where qualified, expert personnel work to create high-quality products. We scrupulously attend to every step of the production phase, combining manual methods with cutting-edge production lines.
Our artisan quality
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The process
Bakery departmentBakery department
The process starts in our bakery, where we produce the bread every day that forms the basis of all our products. We choose the best flours while remaining faithful to Italian tradition, sometimes combining them with seeds to meet the requirements of customers.
The next phase takes place in the filling department, where rolls and sandwiches are filled by hand. Quality cold meats are combined with delicious cheeses and dressings, creating unique recipes to satisfy all palates.
Filling departmentFilling department
Every product is then wrapped individually in a modified atmosphere to ensure that product characteristics are maintained. This department has the latest equipment to maximise food safety, and considerably reduce the risk of foreign bodies or packaging leaks that could result in non-compliance issues.
All products are stored in our units at between 0° and + 4 C° to maintain the cold chain process. Flavour, consistency and colour remain unchanged, without the need to add food preservatives, flavourings or additives to enhance taste.
The product is now ready! We also DELIVER using our chilled vehicles, or in the case of longer distances we use reliable carriers.
IFS food
Fabian holds IFS certification to guarantee the quality of products and safe processing methods.
The VeganOK label is the first and only ethical guarantee for vegan products in Italy, reassuring customers that the item is free from ingredients of animal origin.