La Bottega del Panino by Fabian - fresh snacks always at the ready!

Paninis, wraps, focaccia, toasties and pizza - we have been producing filled bakery goods for the catering industry in Italy for more than twenty years, using very few basic ingredients, quality raw materials, simple recipes, and the experience of people who have been working with us for years. This is the secret to our success, making us a reliable supplier chosen by eating establishments.

We manage the entire production cycle in our workshop, from the dough-making process through to the final packaging phase, ensuring the maximum quality and safety of our products.

Hot sandwiches

Our sandwiches, pizza, piadine, focacce are ready to eat and make up the best solution to optimize time and costs. Our wide variety of products can satisfy every customer and the packaging in a protective atmosphere ensures a long and safe shelf life. Our hot sandwiches are perfect for bars, companies, catering, communities and retailers.
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Vending machine snacks

Fabian provides a wide range of bespoke quality products for vending machines. Years of experience have enabled us to find the best solutions for this market. Sizes, packets, shelf life are specifically designed to ensure that vending machine professionals have a set of products that are perfectly suited to meeting the requirements of this sector.
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Tramezzini sandwiches

Our Tramezzini sandwiches make everybody happy! They come in different shapes and sizes in order to satisfy all the distribution channels and have a wide variety of different fillings.
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A short video of our operation
We have been operating in the market since 1998, gaining the trust of a wide client base thanks to the quality of our snacks, which are made with quality, choice ingredients.

The artisan nature of our products is a key differentiator that makes us proud. We have produced this short video to give you an overview of our operation and production approach.
Enjoy the show.