Special supplies

In recent years Fabian expanded its supply radius, approaching to new customers and new market sectors with specific needs.
Special supplies
Special supplies
Special supplies
Special supplies
We can provide the following supplies with punctuality and efficiency:
  • airlines
  • passenger ship companies
  • schools, hospitals, communities
  • expos
  • large concerts and conventions
  • stadiums and sports events
  • amusement parks
  • water parks
  • camp sites
  • swimming establishments and pools
Here is an example of some of the collaborations we recently worked on: the concerts of Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters, Vasco Rossi, Jovanotti and many others in various stadiums in northern Italy.

Many of our products are ready to eat, meaning ready to eat cold, at the operator's full advantage, as they must often work as quickly as possible; this way time and energy are optimised.